Data publikacji : 2020-10-11

Sukces w karierze w opiniach młodzieży

Dział: Raporty z badań


The purpose of this article is to draw attention to the numerous transformations taking place in the contemporary reality, including the world of work, which influence people’s professional career and the success achieved through it. This article presents the results of own research concerning career success as perceived from the perspective of young people. The studies were conducted among academic students and students of vocational school complexes using the diagnostic survey method, which involved the survey technique and the questionnaire survey tool. Within them, particular attention was paid to two aspects of this issue: its objective and subjective nature, as well as the assessment of own chances for achieving it within one’s career path. The results of the studies prove that the surveyed youth perceives success in a career to a large extent in a subjective manner and that the vast majority take a positive attitude towards their own professional future. The resulting empirical material may carry important implications for the educational practice. It shows, what skills and knowledge should be taught to young people preparing them to enter the labour market.

Słowa kluczowe

sukces ; kariera ; młodzież ; opinie młodzieży na temat sukcesu ; młodzież akademicka ; młodzież ze szkół zawodowych


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